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McGraw Hill Blog

The McGraw Hill Blog is full of content from instructors and students featuring articles written in conjunction with The Jed Foundation (JED), case studies, classroom best practices, and tips for success.

Healthful College Eating Habits

Good nutrition is beneficial to energizing our bodies for the day. While in college, a student’s eating habits can change significantly from when they are home... Watch Video

When to Ask for Help for First-Year Students and Caregivers

First-year students on a college campus will often not know when they need help. They’ll develop this idea that they must do everything by themselves... Watch Video

What Every First-Year College Student Should Know About Stress

Stress is an issue we all face, but with first-year college students, stress can often take a harmful and negative mental toll on students... Watch Video

Tips to Deal With Depression for Your First Semester Back on Campus

Depression has become an increasingly difficult issue that, if left unchecked, can affect a student’s physical health and well-being... Watch Video